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The Earth was meant to be a garden for consciousness, and we humans are meant to be the seeds of consciousness tossed out into the dark, rich soil of the Earth. From this perspective, we can understand that humanity today is in a transition to a higher state of consciousness that will blossom on a future Earth. How might our life on the Earth evolve from our current 3rd-dimensional reality to a future 5th-dimensional reality? What would it be like to discover yourself arriving in a world of 5th-dimensional consciousness?






The New Earth—we know it is coming. Something is coming. We can feel it stirring deep within our hearts. It is like a new sun rising up on the very edge of the horizon. Even if the light of this new sun has not touched our skin, our eyes sense its illumination in the periphery of our vision. And we struggle to bring this something into clear focus—to see the outlines and to grasp its details of the great spiritual evolution that is on the horizon. Visit the ‘New Earth Vision’ website!


A fresh and moving new perspective on your healing and spiritual evolution!  At the heart of this book are stories about the healings of people who have found a way to break through the persistent obstacles in their lives and to step into a different relationship with their identity and their spiritual life. This book inspires the kind of insights and experiences that will take you to a place of greater security and optimism on your spiritual path.