Television and Radio Appearances:

Hidden Heritage, UTV series, interviewed on acoustics of ancient henge at Drumsonnus near Enniskillen.
NBC Nightly News, on the death of George Harrison
NBC Today Show, report on Beatles class
WGN-TV, interviewed on Beatles Anthology by Randy Solerno.
WMAQ-TV coverage of Beatles Anthology release.
Wisconsin Public Radio, interviewed for one hour by Joy Cardine on Beatles Anthology.
WBBM-AM, interviewed by Chris Crydell on Beatles Anthology.
WMAQ-FM, interviewed on Beatles Anthology.
WMBD-AM, interviewed by Joe Crane on Beatles Anthology.
PM Magazine report on spatial reverberation, broadcast in most major cities.
WBBM-TV, Chicago, Channel 2 News, interview by Phil Walters.
Interview with William Martens by John Hockenberry for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program.
1984 Interview by Melody Walker as part of her coverage of the 1984 International Computer Music Conference for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition program.
Telephone guest on BBC-radio variety program.
1983 Guest on hour-long radio call-in show on WGN-radio, Chicago.

National Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

“Brillance Lost on Generation.” Interviewed by Kevin Pang on the anniversary of the death of John Lennon. Chicago Tribune.
“Northwestern U. Course Finds ‘Something’ in the Beatles.” Interviewed by Thomas Barlett for Chronicle of Higher Education.
“Fans Meet the Beatles All Over Again,” Chicago Tribune.
“Get back: The Beatles invade again,” Dallas Morning News.
“School Daze,” Northwestern University, Pop-culture course: The Beatles, Entertainment Weekly.
“3D Audio,” MIX Magazine.
“Delusions and Illusions in Audio,” OPUS.
“Computers Are Giving Music Educators New Sounds and New Ways to Teach,” The Chronicle of Higher Education.
“Reverb adds third sound dimension,” Screen.
“At Northwestern, they’re reshaping world of sound,” Chicago Tribune.
“Into The Twilight Zone Sound,” Pro Sound News.
“Good Vibrations,” American Film.
“Northwestern’s Computer Music Studio,” Illinois Entertainer.
“NU’s Computer Music Studio Takes Sound To The Twilight Zone and Beyond,” MicroTimes.
“Computer revolution generates higher art in education,” Chicago Tribune.
“Hearing is Believing On New Twilight Zone,” Los Angeles Times.
“Eerier ‘Twilight’ sculptured here,” Chicago Sun Times.
“Spacial Reverberation” MIX Magazine.
“Sound Gets Moved Around For ‘Twilight Zone” Debut,” Variety.
“Computers add pizazz to TV’s sound effects,” USA Today, Tecktalk column.
“Biggest sound of them all . . .,” The Times Sunday, London.
“Now 3-D Stereo,” Science Digest.
“Northwestern hosts computer music parley,” Chicago Sun Times