Qosqo for 8-channel sound --- duration: 10’

Listen: QosqoStereo.mp3,
QosqoStereo.aiff.zip, Qosqo8-channel.aiff.zip

In the language of the Quechua people of the Andes, “qosqo” is the word for navel. This same word was the original name for the modern city of Cusco, Peru, which once served as the center of the Inca civilization. The name of the city makes sense when one learns that it lies in the center of a spinning energetic vortex. The Quechua honored this place and called it the “navel of the earth,” because there spiritual energies came in and fed the earth like an umbilical cord.
Establishing a city in such a location reflects a commitment to engage spiritual challenges as well as to be nourished by these energies. An energetic vortex does not necessarily make for a place of peace and calm. Rather, higher dimensional forms are constantly being brought into the three-dimensional world and new possibilities for how to live as a spiritual human being are taking shape. One must be ready to let go of the past and transform one’s life in order to be in alignment with higher dimensional reality.

This composition attempts to manifest the energetic properties of the vortex, the “qosqo,” in sound. My interest in sound as a spiritual vehicle developed during my studies with Peruvian spiritual teachers and healers from within the traditional culture. In the perception of an energetic healer, sound has a direct impact on the nonphysical body. Conscious engagement with spiritual intent through combining listening with meditation enhances the power of music to transform and to bring balance to our lives.

Meditation for listening: Visualize the center of yourself as the central axis of a vortex of energy spinning clockwise. Relax and release anything that is stuck or resistant. Allow yourself to expand into the space of the sound and acknowledge your greater self.

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